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How to Download Yahoo Mail ** YahooDownload **

It can be quite devastating if you were to wake up one day and find all your emails unavailable because of one issue or another. Emails play a very important role for everyone and this is why most of the emails are not deleted even after being read as they may contain important information. Information that can be carried in emails includes login information, business information and contact information among other types of info. Losing this information is frightening and can at times be detrimental to businesses or organizations. For this reason, it is very important for anyone to backup up their emails, especially the important ones. This way, they can have a backup plan even if the mail service was to crash.

Emails can be categorized as either online or offline emails, depending on where they are stored. Yahoo emails are online emails. These types of emails are stored online and are only accessible through a web browser. Regardless of the online mail service being used, there is no guarantee that you’ll never lose your email hence the need for a backup solution.

Yahoo mail download – Backing up emails as offline emails

When you backup your emails as offline emails, they can be accessed using different clients such as Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird and Live Mail. All these clients have the ability to access mail on your internet email service, and depending on your preference can save the emails to your local hard drive. With email stored on the disc drive, it becomes easier to transfer them to other computers. Also, when the email service crashes or fails to function for one reason or another, you can still access your emails from your hard drive hustle free.

Yahoo mail download – Backing up your email on Thunderbird or Outlook

Backing up your emails on Outlook or Thunderbird is quite easy and straightforward. You simply go to your Yahoo account settings and go to backup. You will be given a range of offline clients to choose from where the emails will be stored.

You can also create a backup of your backup emails for storage in another computer. The first thing you should do is learn about the exact location in your hard drive where the client stores its files. Once this is done, you can simply use a USB disk or flash memory drive to copy the file and upload it in another computer’s hard drive.