Download Yahoo Mail Android Phone

byond b66 main article 1361278810 540x540 624x604 Download Yahoo Mail Android PhoneAmong the mailing services that have maintained their top position is Yahoo Mail. It also very popularity when it comes to offering both premium and free emailing services to customers. The premium version is called Yahoo! Plus and users pay around USD20 yearly. Most people use the free version of the application, which is sufficient for the most part. The user interface of Yahoo is quite easy to get around, and users can compose, send and read their email messages easily. It is amazing that Yahoo is now available for Android devices meaning that you can now have the application on your smart device.

Download Yahoo Mail Android Devices – How to set it up on your Android Device

With your Android device, locate the Google Play Store. Once you open the app market, type in “Yahoo Mail” in the search bar at the top of the page. From the predictions that will be offered, select “Yahoo Mail – Free Email App“. The app will be opened then click on the “INSTALL” button. A list will pop up of the items it will need to access. Click “ACCEPT” . Once you do, the downloading process will begin, and once completed, the app will be automatically installed in your Android device. To access the app, you will need to sign in with your Yahoo email address and username or create a new account if you wish.

Download Yahoo Mail Android – What it has to Offer

Yahoo Mail allows users to have more than one Yahoo account on one device. You will also get the latest news and information from the news option. If you want to perform a web search, you can do so using Yahoo’s portal. With this emailing app, you can format your messages at ease with the different formatting styles that are available. Attaching images and files is a simple process that requires a few clicks and sends them instantly. If you are not able to chat at the moment, you can save stories to tell your friends later on. What’s even better is that you get local weather forecasts as well as live updates on the latest news if you live in the USA.


Overall, Yahoo mail for Android is a great app that will allow you to access your email on the go. You will also be able to reply to important messages and download and upload attachments without the need for a PC.