Download Yahoo Messenger

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Download Yahoo Messenger” description=”Here you can find all the information you need to download Yahoo Messenger” condition=”New” ]IM’s have made it easy for teens to socialize and the rest of the crowd to communicate, send and even receive messages fast from mobile phones or PC’s. Yahoo is one of the most popular Instant Messaging services having over 94 million users globally.

Download Yahoo Messenger

It all starts with the Yahoo website. Download Yahoo Messenger app and make sure that you have completed the whole sign-up process. Afterwards, start sending IM’s to all your colleagues and friends after you have set up our messenger list. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Yahoo Messenger website and click on Download Now
  • Install the software in your PC and follow the direction for the prompt of the OS you are using (UNIX, Mac, Windows Vista or Windows XP).
  • Sign in to your Yahoo account. If you do not have one, sign-up for one by providing all the necessary information you are asked for.
  • Go to > click on the Yahoo Messenger button (yellow smile) located at the screen’s upper right-hand corner. Sign in with your Yahoo name and password then click on sign-in.
  • Once you have been signed in, look at the screen’s left-hand side. You will be able to see the messenger list you have. There, you can list up-to 300 people you want to IM. To add someone, click on add > Windows Live Contact or Yahoo Contact > paste or type the name of contact in the open box. Finish by hitting “Enter”.

Once you are through sending an IM or chatting, always remember to sign out of your Yahoo account.

Features You Will Find When You Download Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo comes with many other options other than the basic IM. You have the ability to set Yahoo to alert you when there are incoming emails or massages. You can also edit your privacy to set it in a way that makes you feel much safe. That is not all, you can also personalize your account with Avatars and IMVironments or add some webcam features you want.

With this webcam ability, you will be able to see the webcam of the contact you are communicating with. To do so, just go to “Contacts” click on “Contact Options” then on “View Webcam”. However, you can also send your own, but doing so is not as easy as it is to see someone else’s webcam.