Download Yahoo Music Android

Play by Yahoo for Android is not really a music player. It, however, scrabbles automatically to then identifies songs. Considering it is Yahoo, you can be sure you will not have to pay much.

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Play Android App by Yahoo!

Play is an Android App by Yahoo that combines playlist creation with music ID. It is available free of charge. The basic feature is an easy music player that is used to play the songs stored on the device. This app also allows users to choose one song from their library and then create a new playlist for songs similar it.

Play by Yahoo also has an ID feature that is more like the Shazam service that can identify individual songs. It also has a continuous mode where it can ID each song it hears (when the mode has been left on).

If you can look past all the purple, you will be impressed by Play immediately. To start with, it is super fast such that the other Android music stock app start feeling sluggish. Play also takes care of the omitted album art. It does this by grabbing the missing album automatically if you have an internet connection.

The player is quite finger-friendly and attractive. It also comes with a news button which allows bored listeners to read all recent stories about the artist whose music is playing. The icing on the cake is the feature that identifies songs. It is essentially like Soundhound or Shazam, but it has an added advantage. The advantage is that it is free, unlimited with options for extended listening periods to identify several songs in a row. In addition, this app is accurate.

Download Yahoo Music – The Pros

-More than 2 million music tracks

-Good pricing for subscription

-A polished music Jukebox

Subscribing to this feature is optional. If you do not feel ready to subscribe to it, you still have the option of buying the music without being a subscriber thanks to a la carte. You will be able to download albums and songs that you can burn to your CDs.

If you decide to subscribe, you will get a plan that allows you to listen to digital music that you downloaded if the subscription continues. Once you have downloaded a song, you will be ‘renting’ it for the period of your subscription. If the subscription period expires and you do not renew it, you will not be able to listen to the music.