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Download Yahoo Android

While Yahoo has been well beaten on most fronts by Google, it is still a force to contend with. One of the most overlooked aspects of Yahoo is how good their Android Apps are. A case in point is the Yahoo Mail App.  So what’s in it for users?

Download Yahoo Android – First Impression of the App



This app delivers impressively sharp visual due to the innovative theme support.  While the background is striking, it blurs out when you are going through your inbox. Once you pop out into the main menu, the app assigns a highlight color throughout the app. While you get a somewhat similar set up on the web, the two platforms do not sync. The icon set is minimalist and flat with smooth transitions.




When you install Yahoo Mail for Android in your device you can access various other services from Yahoo. These include news, web search, sports scores, weather forecast, images and videos. You get all these without having to install any other apps.  However, it is worth noting that most of these features are only available in the USA.



With the app installed you can practically use your Android phone as you would use your PC. You can send and receive emails, attach and download attachments. You have access to a rich text editor to make it easier to compose messages. You can also include emoticons in your emails. The app also allows you to print out your emails and other documents right from the app. You can send the emails to a cloud or local printer.


Every time you get a new email, you will get an instant notification from the app. While this comes in handy, it can also be a nuisance if you are in a meeting or do not want to be distracted. The good news is that the Yahoo Mail app allows you to mute notifications.

Yahoo would have done better by making it possible to reply to emails through actionable buttons on the notification tray. For this reason, you are required to open the app in order to take any action on a message. User experience on Android tablet is superb.


Download Yahoo Android – The Good and the Bad

As with most apps, Yahoo mail is not all hunky-dory. It does have its faults. For example, it features an ad at the top that never goes away. This can be somewhat irritating for some people. While it does have the option of pulling in email from other providers, it does not work so well in practice. For example if you wanted to add you gmail account to the app, you will have to contend with the fact that the app polls on POP and not IMAP. This means your emails cannot sync. Nevertheless, you can add several Yahoo email accounts to the app.


Download Yahoo APK

Cool Backgrounds Rainbow Download Yahoo APK

Yahoo Mail has, for some years, been rated as one of the best web-based mail services around. Yahoo is also one of the most popular mail services that offer both free and premium mail services. The paid Yahoo version is known as Yahoo! Plus, and users pay about $20 a year for the services. Not many people use the premium version as the majority of Yahoo users prefer the free version.

The Evolution of Yahoo on PC

When Yahoo is used to send emails, the use the graphic user interface (GUI) to compose the message, send it and even organize mail. There are times when a user may want to use the Yahoo mail for PC using the free version. Back in the day, premium Yahoo users were the only ones who could transfer their emails to their computers. However, all that has changed because now, free version users also have the ability to do so. This ability for the free Yahoo users can be attributed to Zimbra Yahoo mail programs.

Download Yahoo APK to Android Phone

All Yahoo users understand that it is a web-based mail service. As such, all received and sent messages get stored in a Yahoo server. So, if you want to check your emails you will have to have access to internet connection and a web browser.

The Yahoo GUI enables users to perform tasks such as composing emails and creating folders to save emails. This means that if you do not have access to the internet you will not be able to perform all these tasks let alone access the Yahoo mail service. You will also be unable to access your emails if you have problems with the login process.

This need not be an issue any longer. You can now install Yahoo in your Android smartphone. This way all your emails will be saved in your phone’s memory. You get to receive your messages instantly on the go without the need for a PC. Better yet, you can access all attached files and even upload and send some.

Installing the Yahoo APK

You first need to download yahoo APK. Once you have done this, copy it into your memory card. Download the Apps installer from the Android market.  Once the app is installed, open it to view the APK files in your memory card. You can now install the Yahoo APK files.

Download Yahoo Messenger Offline

How to Download Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer

Now you can keep your friends, fans and family at your fingertips if you can download yahoo messenger offline installer. There is no easier way to stay up-to-date and see what your friends have been up to from their updates than installing the new yahoo messenger in your smartphone and pc.

78373846 XS Download Yahoo Messenger Offline

This chatting and instant messaging toll will enable you stay connected and keep in touch with the people you care about the most. Whether it’s your business allies or family members, the yahoo messenger is one way you can be sure of keeping them close as the years roll by without experiencing any difficulties.

One of the features that make this great instant messaging tool amazing is the fact that you can easily get in touch with people on your list even when they are offline. With the yahoo messenger, you don’t have to be online when your friends update important information before you can be able to access such information.

 Download Yahoo Messenger Offline

Download yahoo messenger offline installer and enjoy your chat times like never before. Yahoo messenger is one of the pioneers of instant messaging apps you can find on the internet today, and has continued to improve its features over the years. With this instant messaging app, you can send instant messages to your friends and family members as well as receive notifications when instant messages are sent to you.

Some of the great features that come with this great instant messaging platform include group chats in chat rooms, video messaging, sharing and watching videos with your loved ones, sharing your important pictures and videos on your updates, etc. To download yahoo messenger offline installer is quite easy and fast. This great instant messaging app with its new and enhanced features remains one of the best and easiest ways you can keep your closest family members, friends, and business associates close to you all day long.

Yahoo Messenger Offline Download

Yahoo Messenger Offline Download

The Yahoo messenger offline download enables you install the more improved yahoo instant messenger with more modern apps and unchallenged efficiency. What makes yahoo messenger a favorite instant message platform is the fact that it has been around longer than most other instant messaging platforms you find on the internet today.

yahoo messenger 10 Yahoo Messenger Offline Download

Yahoo Messenger Download

Imagine an instant messaging app that helps keep you updated on what your loved ones have been up to lately whenever you logon. It is no longer news that the yahoo messenger have remained one of the hottest and most widely used instant messaging software for chatting with friends and family and doing several other fun stuffs which are the reasons why you should download this great software using yahoo messenger offline download.

If there is one program you should install on your pc, it is the new yahoo messenger software which allows you message to people on your yahoo messenger list whenever you wish to do so. With the new yahoo messenger offline download, you get to enjoy making free audio and video calls to everyone on your friend list.

Other important features that come with this new version of the yahoo messaging program is that you get more games that were recently launched, very quick and easy access to everyone on your contact list, easily share your screenshots with people on your list, etc.

The yahoo instant messenger comes with a feature that gives you a better archive to help you manage your past conversations with your friends. Downloading the new version of the yahoo messenger will go a long way to make all your conversation with your closest buddies and dearest family members quite easy and smooth.

There are hidden emoticons you can use to make your discussions more colorful and fun. Make use of the yahoo messenger offline download to get this software installed today and watch your chatting and instant messaging experience move to the next level.

Yahoo Messenger Offline

The New Yahoo Messenger Offline and Its Many Amazing Features

Yahoo messenger offline is one of the chatting platforms that have survived for several decades. Yahoo messenger has continued to improve over the years with the inclusion of new features that make it more user-friendly.

How%2Bto%2BDownload%2BYahoo%2BMessenger%2BOffline%2BInstaller Yahoo Messenger Offline

Click the image to Download Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer

Yahoo messenger offline feature is seen as a very exciting innovation by all web users who have been using the instant message app over the years. The new yahoo messenger offline installer helps you have the most important people in your life at your fingertips. Everyone desires to have his or her family and friends nearby at all times, and one way you can do this is by having an instant message app that can keep you updated on all the activities of people you care about the most by giving you access to more updates on your messenger list.

 Yahoo Messenger Offline

The all new yahoo messenger offline allows you to add multiple links and emoticons to your status. You equally get to share your favorite videos from all popular sites and watch them with your family and friends via your instant message window. Other important features include messaging your friends, joining group chats and conferences, sending short messages to your friends’ mobile phones, as well as calling your friends at very subsidized rates.

You can join any number of chat rooms from the large number chat rooms we make available for you. You can easily make new friends from any one of our numerous choices. Installing Yahoo instant messenger in your Smartphone and all other internet devices is one way you can always be sure of staying in touch with the people that matter and watching the most important events from the other side of the world. Yahoo messenger offline installer helps save you stress and money when you choose us for the installation of your own browser.


Five Yahoo Tips and Tricks

The Five Yahoo Tips and Tricks You Really should Knowbecome a genius Five Yahoo Tips and Tricks

1. How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo! Mail Password

To reset your Yahoo! Mail password if you have forgotten the phrase or cannot access your account:

  • Go to the Yahoo! Password Helper page.
  • Make sure I have a problem with my password is selected.
  • Click Next.
  • Type your Yahoo! Mail email address under My Yahoo! ID is:.
  • You can also enter just the user name part (what comes before, for instance, “”).
  • Now type confirmation code from the image or audio playback under Type the code shown.
  • Click Next.
  • If you have specified an alternate email address for recovery:
  • Type your alternate email address under Send a message to my alternate email address:.
  • Click Next.
  • Open the email from Yahoo! with the subject “How to reset your Yahoo! password”.
  • Follow the Reset My Password link in the message.
  • If you want to answer your secret question:
  • Make sure Use my secret questions. is selected.
  • Click Next.
  • For each question:
  • Enter the answer beneath the question.
  • Click Next.
  • Type the desired password under New password: and Retype the password:.
  • Click Next.
  • You can then change this password to whatever you like (and will remember); it is best, of course, to use a strong password.

2. How to Recover Lost or Ultimately Deleted Yahoo! Mail Messages

To rescue messages that have disappeared from your Yahoo! Mail account during the past 24 hours or undelete messages after you have emptied the Trash folder:

Download all messages received yesterday and today at your Yahoo! Mail account or forward them to a different email address automatically or manually.

These messages will otherwise be lost forever.

Fill out the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form.

While you wait for Yahoo! to return your Yahoo! Mail account to the state at the desired time from a backup copy, make sure you continue to forward or download any newly arriving messages.

3. How to Block a Sender in Yahoo! Mail

To have Yahoo! Mail delete all mail from a particular address automatically:

  • Hover the mouse cursor over the settings gear in Yahoo! Mail or click that gear.
  • Select Mail Options from the pull-down menu that has appeared.
  • Open the Blocked Addresses category under Advanced Options.
  • Type the unwanted email address under Add an address:
  • Click +.
  • Your updated list of blocked senders will be saved automatically.

4. How to Block a Sender in Yahoo! Mail Classic

  • To add an email address to the list of blocked senders in Yahoo! Mail Classic:
  • Make sure Mail Options is selected in the top Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar.
  • Click Go.
  • Open the Spam category.
  • Enter the email address you want to be blocked under Add a blocked address: (in the Blocked Email Addresses: section).
  • Click Add.

5. How to Create a Mailing List in Yahoo! Mail

To set up a list for group mailing in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Go to Contacts in your Yahoo! Mail’s navigation bar.
  • Click New List.
  • Type the desired name for the list.
  • Hit Enter.

To add members to the list you just created:

  • Drag and drop them onto the list (from All Contacts, for example).

You can also use Assign to Lists for any contact to add them to one list or more.

Send Mail to Your Yahoo! Mail List

And now that you have a mailing list in Yahoo! Mail, you can start using it!

6 Yahoo Hacks You Have To Know

Yahoo Hacks and Tips

 6 Yahoo Hacks You Have To KnowYahoo messenger is among the most popular instant messengers. But, one can get frustrated when friends hide on Yahoo messenger and you can’t know whether your Yahoo messenger friend is online or invisible and hidden. These invisible friends on Yahoo messenger cannot be revealed normally and hence, you need to find a way to hack in order to find hidden / invisible friends/contacts on Yahoo Messenger. Highlighted below are the 6 yahoo hacks you need to know.

  1. Yahoo Invisible scanner: Yahoo Invisible scanner is Yahoo messengers valuable service. Through this service, you have to enter contact’s Yahoo ID to know their current status and find out whether he is hiding.
  2. Buddy check: This is quite different from most online services. Buddycheck is a great software program which allows you to add friends to contact list and then view their current status whether they are hiding or are invisible.
  3. Buddyspy: This software program Buddyspy is intended to enlighten you about current status of your friend on Yahoo Messenger. It is also handy in knowing current activity of Yahoo Messenger user. It updates you whether contact is online, what chat rooms they are in, and whether their webcam is online.
  4. Vngrabber: The most efficient Yahoo messenger invisible user checker, rated higher than Xeeber in many aspects. It allows you to enter Yahoo ID of your Yahoo messenger contact to know whether he is in invisible mode on Yahoo messenger. The problem of Vngrabber is its busy most of times and you are not even able to visit it.
  5. Xeeber: Xeeber is a Yahoo Messenger online service which allows you to know current status of Yahoo Messenger contact whether he is online, offline or in invisible or hidden mode.
  6. Doodle IMvironment trick: What you do here is simply open your friend’s IM box and send him a message. Then change the IMvironment to Doodle. After Doodle loads usually a couple of minutes, it will display the message “Waiting for your friend to load Doodle”, if your friend is offline. But, if he is online, it will appear blank.

Good old Yahoo is great for users who want a simple experience, but now you know it can also server more tech savvy individuals like yourself. don’t forget to share the information with your freinds.


Yahoodownload – How to Download and Use Yahoo! Messenger

Instant messaging has made it possible for friends in different platforms to get in touch with one another on a real time basis. It gives you the capability to converse with friends and other contacts on your address book just as if you are having a live conversation only that this is through messaging. Ever since it asserted itself as a powerhouse in offering email platform, Yahoo also have its own platform where its users are able to sent instant messages to one another. This is made possible by the use of Yahoo Messenger, a platform that enables Yahoo users to connect with their friends in Yahoo as well as those on Facebook.

Downloading and installing Yahoo Messenger

The process of downloading Yahoo Messenger App is no brainer. All you have to do is head over to the download section of the Yahoo Messenger website and download the most current version of the app. If you are outside the United States of America, there is an option for the international users. The available options are for the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

On the download Yahoo Messenger page, you will click on the “Download Now” button and then save the .exe file to your desktop. Once you download Yahoo Messenger, right click on the file and choose “Run as Administrator” option. This will lead to onscreen prompts which will guide you on how to complete the installation process.

Using Yahoo Messenger

Though the primary use of the app is for instant messaging, there are a number of things you can do the moment you download Yahoo Messenger. The other things you can do with the messenger are to chat, send short messages, and make video calls as well as PC calls. Yahoo is constantly improving on the quality of the app as they try to make it more users friendly. For instance, the current version comes with rich features such as social games, snap and share capabilities, quick access to emoticons, tabbed IMs, fast and easy access to contacts among others. In order to enjoy all these, all you have to do is to download Yahoo Messenger and you will be good to go.

Yahoo IM Download

Keeping in touch with your friends and family via Yahoo Messenger is without a doubt the most convenient communication channel of our time. Yahoo IM comes with many amazing features that aim to making it easy for you to communicate with other users. The best part is that those apps are free to download. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the most interesting and useful features you will find on Yahoo Messenger.
Calling from one PC to the other
For some time, Yahoo Messenger users have been looking forward to a call feature. While Yahoo Messenger was first solely used to send messages, Yahoo have decided to keep up with competition by making it possible for people to call and chat via this app.
So if you are online and notice that one of your contacts is also online, you can Buzz them up to get their attention. When you feel that you can talk, you easily hit Call and start talking. The only catch here is that both you and the person you are calling should be online. You can also make a call if you appear offline but are actually available.
Video calls and Send text to mobile phones
If you are bored and maybe miss seeing your loved ones, you can see them via the Yahoo video call feature. This app is an awesome alternative when you don’t want to just want to hear their voice. To make a video call, sign in to your Yahoo Messenger, look for contacts that are online, hit the “View My Webcam” option and start video calling.
If you need to communicate but the person you want to communicate with is nowhere near a computer, you can always send them a text to their mobile phone. You can actually send them texts via your Yahoo Messenger account. The best part is that you get to choose whether you want to send the text via SMS or IM.
Calling mobile phones
If sending an SMS does not get that person’s attention, do not give up just yet. You have one last card to play – calling that person’s mobile phone. The rates for calling are nothing short of affordable. You will pay a few cents for every minute. So you can talk endlessly without worrying about crazy calling charges. To be able to call, you will have to first purchase Yahoo Messenger calling credits.

Download Yahoo Messenger

IM’s have made it easy for teens to socialize and the rest of the crowd to communicate, send and even receive messages fast from mobile phones or PC’s. Yahoo is one of the most popular Instant Messaging services having over 94 million users globally.

Download Yahoo Messenger

It all starts with the Yahoo website. Download Yahoo Messenger app and make sure that you have completed the whole sign-up process. Afterwards, start sending IM’s to all your colleagues and friends after you have set up our messenger list. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Yahoo Messenger website and click on Download Now
  • Install the software in your PC and follow the direction for the prompt of the OS you are using (UNIX, Mac, Windows Vista or Windows XP).
  • Sign in to your Yahoo account. If you do not have one, sign-up for one by providing all the necessary information you are asked for.
  • Go to > click on the Yahoo Messenger button (yellow smile) located at the screen’s upper right-hand corner. Sign in with your Yahoo name and password then click on sign-in.
  • Once you have been signed in, look at the screen’s left-hand side. You will be able to see the messenger list you have. There, you can list up-to 300 people you want to IM. To add someone, click on add > Windows Live Contact or Yahoo Contact > paste or type the name of contact in the open box. Finish by hitting “Enter”.

Once you are through sending an IM or chatting, always remember to sign out of your Yahoo account.

Features You Will Find on Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo comes with many other options other than the basic IM. You have the ability to set Yahoo to alert you when there are incoming emails or massages. You can also edit your privacy to set it in a way that makes you feel much safe. That is not all, you can also personalize your account with Avatars and IMVironments or add some webcam features you want.

With this webcam ability, you will be able to see the webcam of the contact you are communicating with. To do so, just go to “Contacts” click on “Contact Options” then on “View Webcam”. However, you can also send your own, but doing so is not as easy as it is to see someone else’s webcam.