Yahoodownload – How to Download and Use Yahoo! Messenger

Instant messaging has made it possible for friends in different platforms to get in touch with one another on a real time basis. It gives you the capability to converse with friends and other contacts on your address book just as if you are having a live conversation only that this is through messaging. Ever since it asserted itself as a powerhouse in offering email platform, Yahoo also have its own platform where its users are able to sent instant messages to one another. This is made possible by the use of Yahoo Messenger, a platform that enables Yahoo users to connect with their friends in Yahoo as well as those on Facebook.

Downloading and installing Yahoo Messenger

The process of downloading Yahoo Messenger App is no brainer. All you have to do is head over to the download section of the Yahoo Messenger website and download the most current version of the app. If you are outside the United States of America, there is an option for the international users. The available options are for the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

On the download Yahoo Messenger page, you will click on the “Download Now” button and then save the .exe file to your desktop. Once you download Yahoo Messenger, right click on the file and choose “Run as Administrator” option. This will lead to onscreen prompts which will guide you on how to complete the installation process.

Using Yahoo Messenger

Though the primary use of the app is for instant messaging, there are a number of things you can do the moment you download Yahoo Messenger. The other things you can do with the messenger are to chat, send short messages, and make video calls as well as PC calls. Yahoo is constantly improving on the quality of the app as they try to make it more users friendly. For instance, the current version comes with rich features such as social games, snap and share capabilities, quick access to emoticons, tabbed IMs, fast and easy access to contacts among others. In order to enjoy all these, all you have to do is to download Yahoo Messenger and you will be good to go.