Download Yahoo Galaxy

If you own a Samsung Galaxy mobile device that is internet enabled, you have everything you need to access Yahoo. In general, Yahoo for your Samsung Galaxy device has a clean and user-friendly interface.

A Look at Yahoo Mail

One of the first things you will notice after you download Yahoo Galaxy Android app is its crisp, clean look. Previously, this app had a purple outlook that really stood out. Unfortunately, there was no way you could change that. Luckily, now you can change the purple look and use a color that is more to your taste. The theme you choose will be the backdrop for your messages. The good thing is that you have quite a number of choices for themes. You have over thirty themes to consider so rest assured you will find something that comes close to what you want.

You will also notice a navigation panel that slides from the left side. This panel contains the controls of the app. This panel allows you to create mail or access existing mail folders. You can also switch between accounts and edit the app’s settings from there.  If you are also using other Yahoo apps – for example, Weather, Messenger or Sports, the panel serves as a shortcut to the apps.

Tired of always switching between messages? The app groups your emails into threads much like Gmail. Therefore, you can now reply to a message more easily.

The app performs seamlessly and without lag and you get to open and close messages with ease. It also comes with a push notifications feature that allows you to get alerts as soon as there is a new message.

Messaging Features That Make Texting More Fun

When you compare Yahoo Messenger in the past and present, you will notice that you now have a richer texting experience. This app comes with formatting tools that make conversations lively and more fun.

You can change the font of your message from the default font and italicize it. You can also underline, bold and change the text color. The size of the text can also be changed. Such formatting tools have made this app one of the most interesting to use for texting. While these tools may not sound like much, they have made Yahoo stand up to competing apps.