Download Yahoo Mail Galaxy

If you have a Galaxy device, you can easily access your Yahoo account straight from the device. Altogether, the Yahoo Mail for your Galaxy app is user-friendly, clean and comes with bonuses that make it feel like the desktop counterpart. Download Yahoo Mail Galaxy

The First Glance

The first thing you will notice when you download Yahoo Mail Galaxy for Android is its look and feel. Previously it came in a purple colour, but the app now allows users to pick a theme that will serve as a backdrop for the messages. Currently, there are more than 30 different themes you can choose from. It would also be nice to have the ability to include a custom picture for your inbox.

The ingenious navigation panel slides from your left-hand side and has neatly tucked controls. It is from the panel that you can access existing or create mail folders, edit applications settings and switch accounts. If your device has any other Yahoo Apps installed such as sports, weather and messenger, you can get shortcuts to them via the panel.

Messages can also be displayed as conversations in groups, in the same way threaded messages by Gmail are grouped. Yahoo’s conversations will make it easy for you to reply a message since you no longer have to jump from a message to look for the reply section.

In terms of performance, you will not be disappointed by the mail app from Yahoo! Messages close and open without much hassle and everything else moves smoothly. The Push notifications feature is quite reliable. However, one let down with this app is the lack of a variety of syncing intervals.

Messaging Features

Composing new messages using Yahoo Mail is now a richer experience compared to other e-mail apps for mobile devices. This richer experience can be attributed to the formatting tools that come with this app.

You can italicize, underline or even bold text, and you can even change the colour and size of the text to suit your personal preference. What’s more, you can include a Yahoo emoji in the text messages. While these formatting options may look insignificant, they do give Yahoo Mail an added advantage over other up-and-coming email apps.

Using this app on a tablet is a joy. It has been optimized to make use of the screen area of the tablet. A narrow inbox messages panel takes up the left hand-side of the screen while the rest of the tablet’s screen acts as the dedicated pane for previews.