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Yahoo Mail has, for some years, been rated as one of the best web-based mail services around. Yahoo is also one of the most popular mail services that offer both free and premium mail services. The paid Yahoo version is known as Yahoo! Plus, and users pay about $20 a year for the services. Not many people use the premium version as the majority of Yahoo users prefer the free version.

The Evolution of Yahoo on PC

When Yahoo is used to send emails, the use the graphic user interface (GUI) to compose the message, send it and even organize mail. There are times when a user may want to use the Yahoo mail for PC using the free version. Back in the day, premium Yahoo users were the only ones who could transfer their emails to their computers. However, all that has changed because now, free version users also have the ability to do so. This ability for the free Yahoo users can be attributed to Zimbra Yahoo mail programs.

Download Yahoo APK to Android Phone

All Yahoo users understand that it is a web-based mail service. As such, all received and sent messages get stored in a Yahoo server. So, if you want to check your emails you will have to have access to internet connection and a web browser.

The Yahoo GUI enables users to perform tasks such as composing emails and creating folders to save emails. This means that if you do not have access to the internet you will not be able to perform all these tasks let alone access the Yahoo mail service. You will also be unable to access your emails if you have problems with the login process.

This need not be an issue any longer. You can now install Yahoo in your Android smartphone. This way all your emails will be saved in your phone’s memory. You get to receive your messages instantly on the go without the need for a PC. Better yet, you can access all attached files and even upload and send some.

Installing the Yahoo APK

You first need to download yahoo APK. Once you have done this, copy it into your memory card. Download the Apps installer from the Android market.  Once the app is installed, open it to view the APK files in your memory card. You can now install the Yahoo APK files.