Was the Yahoo Alibaba Move a Wise Choice?

Alibaba  Yahoo deal c2b4d Was the Yahoo Alibaba Move a Wise Choice?


The line in the sand is drawn with the deal in play for the Yahoo Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. IPO. From the latest reports, BABA has delivered an impressive strong start.


Major Yahoo Alibaba Statement by Fidelity

According to Fidelity News, at this point Alibaba clearly trumps Wal-Mart hands down. That’s certainly not a statement that Wal-Mart will appreciate. Alibaba’s performance is impressive indeed, but the other factor that was raised centers on the possibility that this scenario could pose a critical risk by spreading things way too thin for comfort?

As things move forward, the bet on BABA by major market power brokers like Deutsche Bank and Topeka is bullish. But, on the flip side, there’s a considerable chatter about the beginning of a possible 2014 stock market bubble.

Think back to the dot.com bubble of 1996 if you were around then. If not, it’s a great history lesson filled with many painful outcomes that you might consider reviewing. Speaking from personal experience, It was a major downward slide filled with pure pain.

What Do You Think?

So, is that the case now? Not according to Fidelity. The unanswered question is whether the deal will measurably enhance Yahoo’s industry standing and help to alleviate the long-standing challenges that Yahoo has been dealing with for too many years.

Taking an Objective Look at the Economy

The economy seems to be getting better, business budgets are increasing, and the unemployment figures have slowly improved (unless the unemployment data is actually a case of creative math as it has been at some points in the past. You probably know the drill — don’t count the unemployed people who’ve simply stopped looking for work. Now, that will definitely put a different spin on the numbers. Right? Didn’t say that is actually happening, just that it has happened in the past.

Not making a firm statement here one way or the other, and we invite your input. Seriously!

So What’s Marissa Up To Now?

The last bit of chatter is that Marissa Ann Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo may be held back by her board after this IPO. Our sources say no way. She’s known as a Golden Girl and in our book, she’s also a Golden Power House who continues to carefully explore the investment landscape. Kudos!!