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Yahoo Auctions USA formally stopped posting auction listings on June 3, 2007, with all auctions terminating later that month. There is just one thing to say about Yahoo! It offers one of the most complete, affordable and simple to use auction services on the Internet.

Yahoo! Auctions have some of the most informative detail pages available to buyers. They include detailed postings of bidders’ history and questions to the seller. Their extensive browsing and searching features, allow you to narrow your search options by subcategory, price, location and payment. Furthermore, there are no seller fees. All listings are free.

Although Yahoo! Auction services are outstanding, they do not allow sellers to open stores, there are a lot of product limitations and their popularity pales in comparison to that of the top two services.

Yahoo! Auctions makes buying easy. The details pages are very instructive. They include information about the product, seller, payment, shipping and general auction facts. There are additional tabs located above the picture of an item for sale and the details section describes the item’s bid history and a complete question and answer log from other buyers that have contacted the seller with questions about the product. This is one of the few auction sites we found that was so comprehensive in its item disclosure.

The Countdown Ticker in Yahoo! Auction was very useful. It counts down the time of the auction in real time. You do not have to refresh your page every few moments to see when time is running out. However, you do need to refresh your page if someone else bids on the item.

In order to avoid buyers swooping in and stealing an auction at the last minute, sellers have the option to have five minute extensions placed on items. This means the auction will not end until bidding is inactive for a consecutive five minutes.

Our general experience with Yahoo! Auctions was exceptional. The service is easy to use whether you are buying or selling. Yahoo! provides all the necessary auction information on an item’s details page and a useful help section makes sales and purchases safe and successful.