Yahoo IM Download

Keeping in touch with your friends and family via Yahoo Messenger is without a doubt the most convenient communication channel of our time. Yahoo IM comes with many amazing features that aim to making it easy for you to communicate with other users. The best part is that those apps are free to download. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the most interesting and useful features you will find on Yahoo Messenger.
Calling from one PC to the other
For some time, Yahoo Messenger users have been looking forward to a call feature. While Yahoo Messenger was first solely used to send messages, Yahoo have decided to keep up with competition by making it possible for people to call and chat via this app.
So if you are online and notice that one of your contacts is also online, you can Buzz them up to get their attention. When you feel that you can talk, you easily hit Call and start talking. The only catch here is that both you and the person you are calling should be online. You can also make a call if you appear offline but are actually available.
Video calls and Send text to mobile phones
If you are bored and maybe miss seeing your loved ones, you can see them via the Yahoo video call feature. This app is an awesome alternative when you don’t want to just want to hear their voice. To make a video call, sign in to your Yahoo Messenger, look for contacts that are online, hit the “View My Webcam” option and start video calling.
If you need to communicate but the person you want to communicate with is nowhere near a computer, you can always send them a text to their mobile phone. You can actually send them texts via your Yahoo Messenger account. The best part is that you get to choose whether you want to send the text via SMS or IM.
Calling mobile phones
If sending an SMS does not get that person’s attention, do not give up just yet. You have one last card to play – calling that person’s mobile phone. The rates for calling are nothing short of affordable. You will pay a few cents for every minute. So you can talk endlessly without worrying about crazy calling charges. To be able to call, you will have to first purchase Yahoo Messenger calling credits.