Yahoo emails directory

Understanding the Yahoo Directory for Email Addresses Lookup

There are numerous email services providers but Yahoo remains to be the most preferred provider by millions of users worldwide. Their entry into the internet space while the rest were still figuring out what to do with the new developments in the online world gave them the advantage to grow their membership base and it currently boasts of having millions of active users. But it’s not that they are giants because they were among the first email service providers. As a matter of fact, they are giants because they have continuously improved the features of their email platform and made it a lot easy for users to look and connect with each other in a simple manner. This is achieved through the use of Yahoo Directory.

Though there are a number of search engines which people can use to find information in the internet, the Yahoo Directory still remains to be an efficient resource for finding information. Its design, architecture and arrangement make it superior to most of the search engines which are accustomed to handling generic type of searches. With the directory, it is possible to conduct your searches by utilizing a number of options which enables you to get more specific results. The other lustrous thing about directory is that it also has the capability to let you search for Yahoo email addresses. This is not for any malicious purposes since you must have a yahoo account so that you have access to the yahoo emails directory. You will also find only the email addresses of the users who have given their permission to yahoo to let others find their email addresses. This feature alone distinguishes yahoo from the other email services providers and the search engines.

Finding the Yahoo Email Directory

Yahoo organizes its content in distinct categories to make it easy for their users to find whatever they are looking for. For instance, the yahoo emails directory exists as a sub category under the “Directory” option in the main website. In order to access the directory, you will first have to go to the “Reference” category under which you will select the “Phone Number and Emails” sub category. From here, you pick on the appropriate directory listings for which you would like to do the lookup.

Understanding other categories

While still on the “Email Addresses” category, you will notice the presence of other two more subcategories which are very useful in your lookup process. The first conspicuous option and the one you will use more often is the “Regional” category. This category contains email address of virtually all the places in the world. The email addresses found in this sub category have been organized according to regions and it makes it easy for you to target specific location when you are searching for an email address in the yahoo emails directory. This is indeed a powerful feature which saves users a lot of valuable time and it also brings in more specific and targeted results.

The other option present under “Email Addresses” category is the “Congress” category. This was specifically designed for the United States residents but it can still be used by non US citizens, though very rarely. This option becomes handy when a member of the public would like to communicate to his congress man via email but they don’t have their email contacts. The yahoo emails directory makes it simple and easy for the citizens to look up for the email contacts of their representatives and send them appropriate emails.

Site listings in Yahoo Directory

Also conspicuously present in the yahoo emails directory are a number of site listings. Remember, the main aim of yahoo directory is to provide its members with useful links to various resources within the internet. It gives users the ability to search for email addresses that are present in all the listed sites. This is because all the sites that get listed in the directory must meet particular criteria which have been defined by Yahoo for email databases, without which the site will not be listed in the directory. But it is important to remember that these sites are neither owned nor operated by Yahoo. Yahoo’s job is only to access, organize and provide their users with useful links and information.

While still on the listings, other than searching for email addresses, users also have the option to search for websites based either on their popularity or by sorting them alphabetically. Ideally, the popularity search tends to be more relevant as it shows only the websites that people are regularly searching for. Yahoo has a way of arranging the website in terms of the traffic they receive since this is a direct indication on how popular or less popular a website is. Therefore more popular websites will have more traffic hence will be ranked top by yahoo.

Email Lookups

When looking for someone’s email address, there is certain information which must be entered in the online form in order to for the yahoo emails directory to perform the lookup. In most cases, you will have to enter the first and the last name or the business name. It is however important that you input the person’s last name for the search to be performed. For more refined searches, you have the options for defining other pertinent parameters or features which will narrow down your searches and make you find the person faster. For instance, you can search for persons in just a given geographical locations or city. You can also search within specific interests. This is so because Yahoo syndicates its contents from multiple sources from within the internet hence by being more refined in your search it will be able to display the most relevant results to you.

The process of using yahoo emails directory is a very intuitive one and usually doesn’t pose any challenges to the users.      Yahoo has gone into great lengths to ensure that their users have easy time finding whatever they are searching for in the yahoo emails directory. Though the interface might occasionally change, the core procedure for the lookup will always remain the same. [schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Yahoo emails directory” description=”Yahoo emails directory makes it fast and simple for users to find email addresses belonging to other users. It has links to multiple relevant site as well tools and features which give users the ability to get more refined results. ” brand=”Yahoo” condition=”New” ]