Yahoo email directory

About Yahoo Member Directory

The Yahoo member directory is a great place to look for people who are already registered members of yahoo. It is possible that you might be chatting with someone on IM but you do not have their email addresses. Yahoo email directory makes it simple and easy to find out such addresses. But this is not always the case. You can only see the email addresses of users who have allowed the public to see their addresses under their privacy policy settings. Otherwise, Yahoo will keep private all the personal information tha[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Yahoo email directory” description=”Take advantage of the powerful yahoo email directory to find the addresses of your friends and colleague for easy communication.” brand=”Yahoo” condition=”New” ]t they receive from their users.

You can use Yahoo email directory together with other emails platform like Microsoft Outlook. When you click on an email address while on the directory, you will be directed to Outlook from where you will have the capability to send emails without necessarily logging into your yahoo account. But in order to do this, you must have Outlook properly configured in your computer. You can also take advantage of Yahoo Messenger since it will give you easy access to the directory as well as to your contacts.

You can also use the Yahoo email directory to lookup for somebody’s Yahoo I.D, interests or even the real names. It gives you the ability to meet new people that may be interested in the same things as you are. One unique thing about the directory is that even if you are unable to find someone’s email address, you can still send them IM using their screen names on Yahoo chat. In most cases, users will have the same username for chat as well as for instant messaging.

Yahoo eMail directory is also great for remembering your contacts. You might occasionally forget about the names of the contacts you want to communicate with in IM. When this happens, you can easily check under their profile and you will get the name they use for IM. You thus avoid sending messages to the wrong people.