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Find and Download Yahoo Widgets

Yahoo explains its widgets as ‘useful, fun, beautiful little applications for Mac and Windows’, and states that there are more than 5,000 Yahoo Widgets available to obtain.

The latest version is Yahoo Widgets 4.5, which is a 15MB obtained here . Yahoo Widgets can run on Microsoft windows XP SP2, Microsoft windows 2000 SP4, Microsoft windows vista and Mac OSX 10.3.9 and above.

During installation, it will instantly mark the box to set Yahoo as your home-page and also set your standard online search as Yahoo. Untick both boxes if you want to keep your standard home-page and online search.

The Real Power of Yahoo Widgets 2 Download Yahoo Widgets

Finding Yahoo widgets

The Yahoo widgets website has more than 5,000 widgets, and contains features details of the most well-known yahoo widgets and the newest yahoo widgets.

Common Yahoo Widgets include:

WebImages – instantly refreshes an image URL, for example a web camera

Picture Frame – Connetcs to Reddit or Yahoo Images to show images on your desktop

Yahoo Email – provides notice when you get new email in your Yahoo Email account

ITunes Remote – a small yahoo widget to control and show music play-back in Apple iTunes

Day Planner – can connect to Yahoo Schedule or your Perspective calendar

Weather –shows the current climate in your preferred location

Yahoo Finance – reveals newest financial information

World Time Pro – a variety of digital and analog travel alarm clocks are available to personalize your desktop

Yahoo has a beginners’ video information to Yahoo widgets to help you GET STARTED.

Yahoo Widget docking station

Yahoo Widget present on a docking bar, and can also be drawn anywhere on your pc. The bar can fit an infinite variety of Yahoo widgets, with scroll-bars to get around through huge wide range of widgets.

The Yahoo widget bar can be docked and centered along anywhere on your pc desktop. You can select to show individual widgets by simply clicking the little ‘minimize’ button that appears when you move your cursor over a widget.

The magnifier symbol on the Side bar OPENS a pop-up box which then shows Yahoo search results in your web browser.

6 Yahoo Hacks You Have To Know

Yahoo Hacks and Tips

 6 Yahoo Hacks You Have To KnowYahoo messenger is among the most popular instant messengers. But, one can get frustrated when friends hide on Yahoo messenger and you can’t know whether your Yahoo messenger friend is online or invisible and hidden. These invisible friends on Yahoo messenger cannot be revealed normally and hence, you need to find a way to hack in order to find hidden / invisible friends/contacts on Yahoo Messenger. Highlighted below are the 6 yahoo hacks you need to know.

  1. Yahoo Invisible scanner: Yahoo Invisible scanner is Yahoo messengers valuable service. Through this service, you have to enter contact’s Yahoo ID to know their current status and find out whether he is hiding.
  2. Buddy check: This is quite different from most online services. Buddycheck is a great software program which allows you to add friends to contact list and then view their current status whether they are hiding or are invisible.
  3. Buddyspy: This software program Buddyspy is intended to enlighten you about current status of your friend on Yahoo Messenger. It is also handy in knowing current activity of Yahoo Messenger user. It updates you whether contact is online, what chat rooms they are in, and whether their webcam is online.
  4. Vngrabber: The most efficient Yahoo messenger invisible user checker, rated higher than Xeeber in many aspects. It allows you to enter Yahoo ID of your Yahoo messenger contact to know whether he is in invisible mode on Yahoo messenger. The problem of Vngrabber is its busy most of times and you are not even able to visit it.
  5. Xeeber: Xeeber is a Yahoo Messenger online service which allows you to know current status of Yahoo Messenger contact whether he is online, offline or in invisible or hidden mode.
  6. Doodle IMvironment trick: What you do here is simply open your friend’s IM box and send him a message. Then change the IMvironment to Doodle. After Doodle loads usually a couple of minutes, it will display the message “Waiting for your friend to load Doodle”, if your friend is offline. But, if he is online, it will appear blank.

Good old Yahoo is great for users who want a simple experience, but now you know it can also server more tech savvy individuals like yourself. don’t forget to share the information with your freinds.