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Here you can find all you need to know about download yahoo messenger

Download Yahoo Messenger Free

Yahoo messenger is a communication tool that enables users to make calls, send instant messages, share photos and send email. You can send instant messages via Yahoo Messenger about anything, for example homework to your classmate, chatting with family and friends from all over the globe or just entertain your eyes with some entertainment and sports headlines via Yahoo News.

Download Yahoo Messenger Free – Getting Instant Messages

As mentioned earlier, Yahoo users can communicate with each other via the free texts provided by Yahoo. To be able to do this, you can either download Yahoo Messenger free to your smartphone or to the mobile’s browser.

Just login to your Yahoo account and start sending messages or chatting with anyone you find in your contacts list. The best part is that you can choose to have Yahoo Messenger forward all your messages to your pone as SMS.

There is no need for data connection

This is one of the best features so far by Yahoo Messenger. You can send text messages for free to other users and you do not even have to have an active data connection or mobile web. This makes this messenger a wonderful service especially for people with cell phones that do not have mobile web/data. Yahoo Messenger’s free SMS service is not hard to install making it easier for you to connect with friends when you are not near a computer.

Setting up this service

To set up this service, you will first have to find internet connection and a computer. Launch Messenger and locate the Messenger tab (at the top menu). Select the “Sign into mobile device” option and after that, you will be prompted to enter some details about your phone.

After registering your number, a code will be sent to your phone so enter it when prompted to provide the code. After verification, you can sign in to Yahoo Messenger in your phone via the Messenger tab. Once you have signed in, all your Yahoo contacts will be able to see you online and you will also be able to get their messages and send them for free.

Replying to a message using Yahoo Messenger

Replying to a yahoo messenger is also easy because you just reply to it as you would any other SMS. Your contacts will see the reply on their phones or computer.