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The computer makes it easy for you to do daily activities like finding driving directions, looking up business contacts, confirming flight times and even making renovations. Performing all these tasks can be tricky especially of you are on the move. It is for this reason that many people now look to applications such as Yahoo mail Android app.

Download Yahoo Mail Android App – No More Stressful Days

Yahoo app for Android relieves you off your daily stress by allowing you to send messages to your friends and family. It is also a great platform for receiving work emails as you will never miss a single message. Better yet, all emails are downloaded to your phone, and you can access them at any time. You need not worry when traveling to areas with poor reception.

 Download Yahoo Mail Android App

What Are The Benefits Of Installing The App?

The most outstanding benefit of installing the Yahoo app for Android is accessibility. You can access your email anywhere as long as you have your Android phone with you. The app also allows you access to alternative email accounts. You can add all your POP email to the app and access them on the go. It also allows you to add multiple Yahoo accounts. If you want to send attachments, you can do it from the app.

All you need to do is upload the file to your phone. You can access all your drafts, folders, contacts and sent mail from the app’s sidebar. You can also sort your emails according to your preferences. The app also comes with a nifty feature that allows you to read your email in full-screen mode. Once you install the app, you get up to 1TB of storage for your emails and other files. You can also view all the files, photos and messages your friends have sent you by typing their names into the search box.

Instant Notifications

When an email comes in, you are alerted immediately. You also have the option of muting this feature. It also comes with a news feature where you get all the latest headlines delivered straight to your phone. This feature is also mutable and is only available for US users.

You can download Yahoo Mail Android App from the Android Playstore today to get started. Simply go to Playstore and type in yahoo on the search bar. The app will appear first on the list. Click install and it will be installed immediately. Once installed, enter your username and password and you’ll be good to go.