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Download Yahoo Music Galaxy

18ixh4r336u7cjpg Download Yahoo Music Galaxy

Yahoo Music for Android is normally not one of the first options an Android user considers when searching for an app that will give them access to good music. However, once you start using the app, you are likely to get hooked.

Play – The Yahoo Music App for your Galaxy

Play is an Android App and is a perfect blend of playlist creation and music identification. While it may sound new, it is a typical music player that you can use to play the songs that have been stored in your device. This app gives users the ability to select a song from a library of their choice. Once they do, the app creates a playlist based on the user’s selection.

This app also comes with an identification feature that resembles services by Shazam, which can categorize individual songs. At the same time, it has a continuous mode meaning that when the mode is on, it is able to ID each song that plays.

A Look at Play

When you first look at Play, the purple UI will most likely be the first thing you notice. However, looking past the overbearing color will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the app. This app is fast and probably one of the fastest music playing apps you will ever come across. If there is album art that has been omitted from the selection, Play will take care of that by grabbing it automatically from the internet.

This app is also easy to use as it responds well to finger-touch. If you are listening to some music and then get bored, you can always keep busy with something else. Play gives you the option of reading information and updates about the artist you are listening to. This app is very accurate and also comes with a song identifying feature. This feature has extended listening options for identifying a number of songs at a go.

Subscription and Music Download

Subscribing to Play is optional. As such, if you first want to give it a test drive before deciding, you can do so. All you need to do is buy music via a la carte without subscribing. Doing so gives you the ability to download various songs and even albums. You can even have them burned to a CD.

Subscribing to the service gives you access to a plan that enables you to listen to your music of choice. The only catch is that you will have access to this music for as long as your subscription is valid.

Download Yahoo Music Android Phone APK

com yahoo player 1403542337 Download Yahoo Music Android Phone APK

Most Android users hardly think of Yahoo! Music when they think about music. However, the new app from Yahoo will change all that. With Play, you can listen to music just like any other music application. Nonetheless, Play gives an extra advantage of connecting straight to and identifying your music. All these services are offered for free.

Download Yahoo Music Android Phone APK – Impressive and Stylish User Interface

Starting with the inviting royal purple color, you realize that Play is out to impress users. Play is fast and offers a sublime user interface with smooth transitions. Play will ensure that all your music has its respective album art by fetching it for you when you are connected to the internet. Your eyes will constantly be entertained, and your fingers will have no problem navigating the simple application. If you are bored, you can get all the latest news and gossip about your favorite artists from the News button that you will get on Play.

Download Yahoo Music APK – Free and Unlimited Song Identification

The track identification feature is the main feature of Play. Play will generally offer you services offered by other applications like Soundhound and Shazam that identify songs. However, Play will not limit the number of songs you want to identify. You will not be charged even a dime, and you will get the option of listening for an extended period such that you can ID several songs consecutively. Its accuracy is closest you can come to perfection and chances are low that it will return an error.

Download Yahoo Music APK–Additional Benefits of Play

Play has a smart shuffle feature that learns its users’ tastes and preferences and will generate a playlist based on that as well as their mood, among other factors. This way, the listener will enjoy a more personalized playlist without any star ratings or thumbs ups that other music apps need to create a personalized playlist. This app also offers the user the luxury to view Facebook and Twitter status updates without having to log into the actual social network.